Ajeeb Daastaans (2021) online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 2h 22min
The story opens with Meenal losing electricity at her home.

Meenal is a street-smart housemaid who lives in the slums along with her little sister Binny. She struggles to make ends meet and send her little sister to school. She works in a rich locality for a lady who is struggling to conceive. It is shown that Meenal holds contempt for the rich people she works for. When told about her electricity problem, her employer mentions that she could seek help from Vinod Agarwal, the new secretary of the locality. In the same locality is Sushil, who owns a small laundry stall. While in the locality, Sushil is seen cussing Meenal and his sister, but behind everyone's back, they are lovers. The story keeps flipping back and forth between the present, where Meenal is shown to be at a police station with a policewoman inquiring her about the 'incident' and her telling that she had nothing to do with it. It is shown that Vinod Agarwal has a pregnant wife and has the hots for Meenal. He finds her at Sushil's stall and asks her to work at his place to help his wife. Meenal happily agrees, hoping to get in a word with him regarding electricity at her place. Meenal leaves her previous employer for Vinod Agarwal, and she is shown to have a good bond with the pregnant wife. When the wife is away, Vinod makes a move at Meenal, asking her to have sex with him if she needs electricity back. Binny witnesses this. Meenal leaves crying and goes to Sushil's stall. He is concerned and asks her about what happened. Later, Vinod Agarwal also arrives at Sushil's stall and starts hitting him for flirting with women and being insolent. Passers-by stop this fight, and the secretary apologizes for his misconduct. Vinod also invites Meenal, Sushil, and Binny to a party he and his wife are hosting to celebrate the birth of their son. We switch to the present, and we see the police bringing Sushil to the station and beating him up. Meenal is warned that if she doesn't reveal what she did, it would be Binny's screams she'd be hearing next. Sushil begs the police to stop hitting him and tells him that he didn't do anything except breaking the transformer and that Vinod Agarwal made a move on Meenal. Meenal takes the name of her previous employer, saying she did it as she was jealous that she was infertile. We're taken back to the party where we see Meenal, Binny, Abha (the ex-employer) taking turns with the baby. Sushil arrives and is shown to be very angry. He steals some alcohol and heads out of the party, drunk, and breaks the transformer, leading to a power cut in the party. Vinod Agarwal and his wife get some flashlights and realize their baby is missing. They look for him, and Vinod goes to the kitchen to see the pressure cooker releasing blood instead of water. Abha arrives at the police station and says something to the police. The police then search Binny's bag and find the baby's toy in there. When asked if she took it from the baby, Binny replies that she did so because the baby was just a toy.
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