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Year: 2023
Country: Hong Kong, China
Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Sakra (simplified Chinese: 天龙八部之乔峰传; traditional Chinese: 天龍八部之喬峯傳) is a 2023 wuxia film directed by Donnie Yen, who also co-produced the film with Wong Jing. It is adapted from the wuxia novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils written by Jin Yong. The film stars Donnie Yen, Chen Yuqi, and Cya Liu, and it was released in OTT platforms in China at 2023 Chinese New Year. It was also released in theatres in Malaysia on 16 January 2023.

As a baby, Khitan-born Qiao Feng loses his parents and is sent to be raised by a couple from the Song Empire, which is at war with the Khitan-led Liao Empire. He grows up and becomes the powerful chief of the Beggars' Sect, utilizing martial arts in battles. However, he is framed for the murder of deputy chief Ma Dayuan by his wife Kang Min, and is kicked out from the sect after they discover his origin. He is soon framed for the murders of his parents and Xuanku, one of the sect's elders, when he finds their corpses; after the latter's murder, a fight ensues between Qiao Feng and the Beggars' Sect. He escapes while saving Morong servant Azhu, who was ordered to steal the Sect's Yijin Jing.

Due to Azhu being heavily injured, Qiao Feng takes her to be healed by doctor Xue Muhua, with the two growing closer on the way. However, once they arrive at the Heroes Gathering Manor, they are rejected; to prove his dedication for Azhu, Qiao Feng decides to sacrifice his life to save hers. After Qiao Feng drinks with the Beggars' Sect to sever ties, he fights against them. Near the end of the battle, a wounded Qiao Feng is saved by a mysterious person who kills most of the assailants.

Azhu is healed by Xue Muhua, who intends to keep her until Qiao Feng returns. Azhu ends up escaping, burning down Xue Muhua's medical station in the process. Meanwhile, Qiao Feng starts to question his morality and origin after killing Song soldiers to save Khitan citizens during a sandstorm. Qiao Feng and Azhu soon reunite, professing their love for each other. Qiao Feng, who has renamed himself to Xiao Feng to reflect his true nationality, starts to search for the "Leading Big Brother", who was responsible for the ambush that killed his parents when he was a baby. Azhu goes undercover as Bai Shijing, the true murderer of Ma Dayuan, and talks to Kang Min, who serves as his co-conspirator. Seeing through Azhu's disguise, she lies to her and tells her that Dali emperor Duan Zhengchun is the Leading Big Brother.

Xiao Feng and Azhu head to Mirror Lake, where they learn that he has conceived several children with several wives, with Azhu being one of the children. Upon learning this, Azhu stops Xiao Feng from killing Duan Zhengchun by disguising herself as him, causing him to accidentally kill her. While mourning Azhu's death, Duan Zhengchun tells Xiao Feng that he is not the Leading Big Brother.

Xiao Feng, who ends up being accompanied by Azhu's sister Azi, confronts Bai Shijin and Kang Min. Soon, Murong family head Murong Fu and his army arrive, killing Bai Shijin and Kang Min. Xiao Feng fights Murong Fu while Azi fends off the army. At one point in the battle, Xiao Feng ends up nearly losing consciousness, but is able to get up and defeat Murong Fu after remembering his Buddha teachings when he was young. With the battle over, Azi and the arriving Beggars' Sect members watch as Xiao Feng rides away.

Some time later, Xiao Feng lives a peaceful life herding cattle, as he promised Azhu they would do. Meanwhile, Murong Fu is revived by his father Murong Bu, who later visits Xiao Yuanshan, Xiao Feng's biological father, who survived the Leading Big Brother's attack, abandoned Xiao Feng, murdered Xiao Feng's adoptive parents and Xuanku, and saved Xiao Feng from the fight at the Heroes Gathering Manor.
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