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Year: 2023
Country: India
Time: 2 hours 11 minutes
Director: Venu Yeldandi
Balagam is a 2023 Telugu-language family drama film written and directed by Venu Yeldandi in his directorial debut. The film is produced by Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy through Dil Raju Productions. Balagam features Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Sudhakar Reddy and Muraleedhar Goud in primary roles. The film was released on 3 March 2023 to positive reviews.

Komurayya, an elderly man endures a happy life with his elder son Ailayya, his wife Swaroopa and son Sailu in a village and Sailu, supposed to get married soon, plans to use the dowry he would receive for paying a loan he borrowed to start his small-scale businesses that proved to be unsuccessful. However, the world turns upside down for Sailu when Komurayya dies causing his wedding to be postponed as it is considered inauspicious to perform any celebratory or religious event within a year after the death of a family member. Komurayya's death brings back his estranged daughter Lakshmi, who was forced to be away from her family for twenty years as her husband Narayana has been at odds with Ailayya and the latter's younger brother Mogilayya. Komurayya is traditionally cremated by his sons and Narayana is requested not to leave with Lakshmi and their daughter Sandhya until the eleventh day after Komurayya's death as per the established customs.

After Sailu's fiancee is accused of being unlucky for the family and her horoscope is held responsible for Komurayya's death, an argument ensues causing the wedding to be called off. Sailu discerns that Narayana is a wealthy person with an only daughter and therefore, the latter's husband shall inherit all his wealth. He begins to woo Sandhya only to be rebuffed while on the third day, a crow is supposed to be feeding on the food presented on behalf of Komurayya's soul as according to the traditions but it does not do so. Humiliating Ailayya for it, Narayana performs the event on the fifth day only to fail and be insulted by Ailayya. In an ensued fight, Ailayya and Narayana hold each other's collars and an infuriated Narayana leaves with Sandhya and Lakshmi. Narsi, a tailor who holds himself responsible for Komurayya's death as he had jokingly wished him dead, falls ill. Two other people fall ill, indirectly because of Komurayya's death and Sai decides to take advantage of this with an intent to bring Lakshmi's family back.

He and his friend pretend to argue with each other and Sailu's friend makes people believe that as the crow didn't feed on both the days, Komurayya's soul is probably not satisfied causing all the mishaps in the village. Sarpanch of the village invites Komurayya's family to discuss; He commands Ailayya, Mogilayya and Narayana to satisfy Komurayya's soul by fulfilling his desires somehow by the eleventh day. As a result, Lakshmi's family returns and Sandhya thanks Sailu for giving her family back to her, reciprocating his feelings. Ailayya reminisces about his affection for Lakshmi when Komurayya's sister narrates a story of their childhood to Sandhya. As Ailayya and Narayana apparently reconcile, Komurayya's brother suggests getting Sailu married to Sandhya as they are cross cousins and Komurayya had always wished for it to be done. Narayana agrees, ultimately rekindling his relationship with Ailayya. However, Mogilayya's wife objects to Komurayya's grave being built in his favorite place as she has been planning to sell the land to his brother and the latter refuses to accept the grave in the land. This creates a brawl and Komurayya's brother reprimands Komurayya's sons for not being bothered about their father and for being selfish. Sailu regrets always being concerned about money and mourns his grandfather's death that night.

On the eleventh day, the family has an emotional reunion and Sailu brings a photo of the family clicked before Narayana and Ailayya had an argument that was kept secured by Komurayya. Finally, crows feed on the food indicating that Komurayya's soul is satisfied as his children reconcile.
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