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Year: 2023
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: France
Time: 1h 44m
Medellin is a 2023 action-comedy movie directed by Franck Gastambide, written by Franck Gastambide and Charles Van Tieghem starring Franck Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia and Anouar Toubali.

Reda (Ramzy Bedia) is a wannabe French suburbs tough-guy, manager of a boxing gym although he never summoned the courage to ever actually step on the ring to fight.

When his brother Brahim, a social network influencer fan of the Narcos culture and even more so of Pablo Escobar and calling himself Pablito, is kidnapped by cartel members during a trip in Colombia and as the news of the kidnapping runs on all news TV programs, Reda unexpectingly jumps into action, gathering his gym members and making them pledge to accompanying him to Medellin to deliver his younger brother from the cartel.

However, at the airport only his childhood buddy Stan (Franck Gastambide) and Chafix (Anouar Toubali), a dwarf training at Reda's gym, answered the call to duty.

The three unlikely heroes land in Medellin and it does not take long before they end up in a cartel-linked strip-club bar, where they meet and question Cynthia (Essined Aponte), a pole dancer at the bar. She speaks a little French and suspiciously tries to get them to go somewhere else. They end up snorting cocaine before going on a full-night drug fueled party with strippers. When they wake up with a horrible headache and the past night having left nothing else but a horrible blur, they soon realize that during their cocaine fueled craze, they actually kidnapped Don Nacho (Ariel Sierra), who is none other than the son of El Diablo (Raymond Cruz), the fierce patron of the cartel.

Reda, still playing the wannabe tough guy, publishes a video, where he asks for his brother to be exchanged against El Diablo's son. Soon after, his phone rings: it is his brother Brahim.

Brahim sounds panicked as he explains he had actually staged his kidnapping in an ill-thought stunt to drive up viewership and that he is really enjoying a vacation in another city in Colombia Realizing that they have actually captured the son of the cartel for no reason, they decide to pick up Brahim and flee. Alas, the cartel is already on their tracks and while Reda, Stan and Chafix (with Don Nacho in the car boot) barely escape after a car chase and shoot-out, Brahim is kidnapped (for real this time) by the cartel.

Now, they really need to exchange Brahim against Don Nacho. During a video call, El Diablo shows Brahim being mauled by one of his attack dog but Reda and his friends are on a boat and have dropped Don Nacho at sea, (jokingly) baiting for a shark to attack. El Diablo agrees to an exchange but as Don Nacho tries to swim back to the boat, to the surprise of the whole crew, his legs are snapped off by a shark. Unless quickly taken care off, Don Nacho will die. The three companions bring Don Nacho to a local vet who takes care of his wounds but Don Nacho has lost too much blood. Both Reda and Stan find excuses not to help with a transfusion but Chafix, a universal donor, generously offers his blood, at the risk of his own life. And they are off to the exchange at the Medellin cemetery.

To fool the cartel, they hide Don Nacho's shortened limbs under a blanket and try to escape with Brahim before El Diablo realizes the issue. But Don Nacho manages to open the door of the car, revealing his infirmity, making El Diablo furious at the sight. El Diablo orders his men to shoot Reda and his friends.

Leaving Brahim to his fate, they barely escape the goons after a long run above the slums of Medellin, finally helped by Cynthia. She reveals herself to be a police officer actually named Marissa who was working as a pole dancer undercover to try and take down the cartel. However, as she tried to get police cover for our three companions, she finds out that the whole police is corrupt and gets fired. As she is driving them to the Venezuela border, they receive a new video with El Diablo torturing Brahim. Reda decides that unless they go and rescue him and somehow stop the cartel, they will always live in fear.

Marissa takes them to Robbie (Mike Tyson) an American military operative who quickly trains Reda and Stan in the manipulation of firearms while devising a way for Chafix to help find the location where Brahim is kept. With a GPS tracker hidden inside him, Brahim provokes the cartel in a bar, is knocked out by a chair and is taken to the same location as Brahim and locked in a cage.

Thanks to the tracker, Robbie dispatches Reda and Stan to a cocaine manufacturing facility where the pair quickly locates Brahim and manage to escape together before realizing that forgot about Chafix. After some uncomfortable hesitations, they go back and quickly get shot at... First, they are reluctant to shoot back before Robbie tells them it is a "us or them" situation and it doesn't take long before the inexperienced pair makes short order of a large number of goons.

They meet Marissa in a hacienda outside of the city that Brahim recognizes as a property of Pablo Escobar. While moving around inside the house, Brahim finds a secret passage leading to a helicopter in perfect working order. As they plan their way out, Marissa asks Reda to help her get rid of the cartel. They devise a plan to rig the house with explosives and bait the cartel into coming with a new video. El Diablo takes the bait and the whole cartel comes in guns blazing. While Stan is learning how to start and fly the helicopter using social network videos, Reda holed up into one of the bedrooms realizes that the steel reinforcement of the walls will prevent the bomb radio trigger from working and instead decides to sacrifice himself, taking the whole cartel together with him. Back in France, Reda, the wannabe tough-guy of the start of the story, is now a celebrated hero.

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