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Year: 2023
Country: India
Time: 2h 27m
Por Thozhil (transl. The Art of War) is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language crime thriller film directed by Vignesh Raja and written by Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja. The film stars R. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan and Nikhila Vimal. The title of the film is inspired by Subramania Bharati's poem, Puthiya Aathi Chuvadi. It received positive reviews and became a commercial success.

Prakash is a newly appointed DSP trainee, who is assigned to work with SP Loganathan by ADGP Mahendran. Loganathan reluctantly agrees to mentor him, along with the new technical assistant Veena. From Chennai, the trio set off to Trichy to investigate the gruesome murder of a young girl in deep woods. The doctor concludes that the victim was strangulated from the front with an iron wire, when she was in a kneeling position with her hair pulled back and that the deep knife-like cut by the wire must have been caused by the strength of an oversized man. A hematoma on her neck reveals that the victim was knocked at specific pressure points on her sternocleidomastoid muscle to make her unconscious, following which she was kidnapped. The peculiarity of the case makes Loganathan anticipate a series of murders.

As predicted, a few more young women are killed in the same manner and their corpses are left in the woods with one of whom being the daughter of a police constable. None of the victims had any connection or similarity except their ages (early-mid 20s) and the fact that they were killed in the same manner and abandoned in a secluded region within the radius of 4-5 km from their house. Over the course of their investigation together, Prakash and Loganathan begin to bond after initially being at loggerheads as each recognizes the other's dedication to solving the murders. Later, Loganathan infers from the modus operandi and the killer's choice of random women, that he must be a psychopath with inferiority complex, who compensates his low self-esteem by putting his victims in a submissive position with their eyes gazing right into his eyes, and murders them to vent out his pent-up anger on someone else.

Upon further investigation, they arrive at the conclusion that the murders are copycat serial killings of women that happened between 1973 and 1979. In disguise, Loganathan visits the house of Inspector John Sebastian as his acquaintance, who investigated the initial murders in the 1970s, while Prakash visits the district library to find out the patrons who read books on pressure points as books must have been the only source of knowledge for pressure points back in 1970s for a layman. Loganathan is received by John's son Kennedy instead, who informs that his father died long ago. He also tells him that he has a son, who studies in New Delhi and that his wife passed away recently. While offering tea to Loganathan, Loganathan makes the observation that Kennedy has OCD as he demands perfection and order. His physique and obsession to keep things in his house neat and organized raise suspicion in Loganathan that Kennedy must be the serial killer.

Prakash informs Loganathan that Kennedy is the name of the killer, as that is the name he finds on the readers' list of a book named "Vital Points". To find substantial evidence, Prakash also takes the nearby house for rent to spy on Kennedy in close proximity. However, they are not able to find anything conclusive or incriminating on Kennedy to connect to the recent murders. On top of that another unnamed suspect is arrested by the rival local police force and the local media reveal that he has confessed to being the serial killer. The next day, to everyone's shock, he commits suicide. However, Prakash and Loganathan refuse to believe that he is the actual killer and focus all of their attention on Kennedy. One night, when Prakash is following Kennedy at a supermarket, he is caught by surprise by Kennedy, who insists on having Prakash over for dinner that night. As Kennedy is cooking, Prakash sneaks around into a locked dark room, which got his attention when he sneaked into his house earlier to collect evidence. He finds a photo of a victim tucked behind the frame of a photo hanging on a wall.

Kennedy sneaks up behind and strikes him in the pressure point on his neck, stunning him. Loganathan rings the door and puts Kennedy at gunpoint and rescues Prakash. Kennedy confesses to the murder he did in 1970s as a teenager. He recounts his past and the motive behind his killings. Kennedy's father John was a pedant and an abusive man who would beat Kennedy to keep things clean, neat and organised and always expected perfection from him in everything. Kennedy gets caught smoking by his teacher and the latter threatens him to inform his father about his smoking habit. To stop her, Kennedy attacks her from behind and ends up killing her unintentionally. Relecutant Kennedy scrupulously cleans up all evidences and disposes the body of his victim. This murder case keeps his father busy and frustrated, who investigates the case and Kennedy gets a temporary relief for his father for few days. His father starts to beat him again once he closes the case as 'cold'.

Kennedy concludes that the only way he could save himself from his abusive father is to keep him engaged with murder cases and continues murdering random innocent women reluctantly. Kennedy promises the duo that he has not murdered anyone since then and kept all this as a dead secret. Kennedy also confesses that he felt extremely averse towards the faces of his victims and not a day went by, without deep regret. Prakash realises that Kennedy does not suit the recent serial killer's profile. On further interrogation, he confesses that a few days back, he was attacked and blindfolded by an unknown assailant, who said he knew him since the 1970s, along with his secret and forced him to reveal his pressure point attacks. All he could remember from the faceless assailant was his car had a peculiar reverse gear alarm, sounding similar to a firing sound of toy rifle. Loganathan still wants Kennedy to be tried for his past crimes, but Kennedy says that his son should not know that his father was once a psychopathic serial killer. He pushes Prakash and Loganathan from the room, locks himself up, turns on the gas cylinder, resulting in an explosion in which he dies instantly so that his son can receive insurance money.

Meanwhile, Prakash recollects hearing the same alarm tone from an auto-mechanic shop, where he found the scooter of one of the victims. He rushes off to the mechanic, who says that the car belongs to an NGO worker and takes them to his house. They break open the locked house and search the rooms to find the latest victims' photographs. They discover that the suspect is a big guy who had been harassed by his unfaithful wife, who would bring her lovers to the house when he was there, and that it seemed at one point that he killed his wife and her boyfriend out of fury. As his wife has a dimple on her cheek, he targets women with dimples. They also find a series of bills from a nearby cafe shop. The duo immediately visit the cafe shop and learns that the killer has been visiting the shop for last 2-3 days and would always seat on a chair near a glass window and stare at a poster of a singer put at the entrance of the opposite hotel.

Loganathan immediately rushes to the hotel room of the lead singer to find that the singer is safe and secure. Prakash in the meantime, observes that the hotel of Veena is also visible, which strikes him that she too, has a dimple. A few days back, they had a conversation on the roof, from which the cafe was very visible. In the hotel corridor, Veena meets a large man, who is choking and begs her to fetch medicines from his car outside the hotel. When Veena is near the car, Prakash calls and warns her that she is the next target of the killer. She suddenly looks to find the large man standing beside her, smiling creepily. He knocks her out by hitting the pressure point on her neck and takes her away in his car.

Loganathan and Prakash give chase, only to find that they are now stuck in a deep forest in the night. They are alerted to the killer's location by the sudden flight of a flock of birds which get disturbed and rush to save Veena. As Prakash is untying Veena, the killer stabs Loganathan from behind and makes him immobile. He then takes Loganathan's pistol to shoot Prakash, but finds that the pistol has a stovepipe malfunction. So he attacks Prakash by throwing the pistol at him, who catches it and releases the jam, shooting the killer in his eye. With the killer dead, Prakash and Veena rush Loganathan to the hospital. A few days later, Prakash gifts his music player to a boy from his neighborhood, whose parents constantly fight with each other. The disturbed boy becomes soothed, after listening to music on it. Prakash has also spoken with the mother about how her son is mentally disturbed, due to their constant fights. It is shown that the mother of the boy then hugs her son lovingly, promising him thereafter that they will not fight anymore.
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