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Year: 2023
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: United States
Time: 1h 44m
Director: Bill Burr
Old Dads is a 2023 American comedy film directed by Bill Burr in his directorial debut, who produced and co-wrote with Ben Tishler. It stars Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine.
After selling their business, three men find themselves out of step with the modern world.
The film was released by Netflix on October 20, 2023.
Jack Kelly, Connor Brody and Mike Richards have been friends and colleagues for decades. Now in their 50s, they struggle with the modern world and how they are expected to behave. For example, when Connor tries to get his son Colin (Dominic Grey Gonzalez) to apologize for hitting, his wife Cara reprimands him. Deciding to sell their business Trifecta to some millennials, but kept on as employees, they are shocked when the hipster new boss Aspen fires everyone over 35 except them. Moving away from simply selling throwback team jerseys, the company is modernizing, becoming both gender- and carbon-neutral.

Jack gets publicly chewed out by the director of his son Nate's pre-school for being two minutes late and responds with the coarsest of vulgarities. His wife, Leah, forces him to apologize, as a recommendation will be needed from her for private kindergarten admission, and she points out he has anger management issues. When Jack and Leah go to the school to apologize to the director, she makes him do it to the group of parents and kids. A few pinpoint the specifics that upset them, he apologizes for each. However, Leah points out Jack must continue to be on his best behavior for the next three months so the director gives Nate a recommendation.

Meanwhile, divorcé and father of two adult sons Mike arrives home to a surprise. Although he had had a vasectomy, his young girlfriend Britney divulges that she is pregnant. Later, the three friends meet at the bar and Jack and Connor try to get him to look on the bright side.

As Jack has been asked to organize the school fundraiser, he and Connor are made to feel marginalized by the millennials. Then, the three friends are sent to find Ed Cameron, a man who has chosen to be off-grid since the 1980s, to convince him to represent the company. Travis (Justin Miles), one of the young employees, accompanies them. As the old friends banter, he calls them misogynistic. Mike calls him out for his superior attitude, proving through his love of modern music that he is not always politically correct either. When they hit an armadillo, Ed comes to collect it.

Meanwhile, Leah comes across Cara. Colin walks up and hits her pregnant stomach. When she warns him, he blatantly punches it. Cara defends him and the women argue. At Trifecta, although the trio were successful recruiting Cameron, Aspen fires them as a hidden camera in the rental car caught their misogynistic banter. Even Travis is sacked, as his TV camera captured him singing strongly worded rap lyrics as he started his day.

Afterwards, Mike cuts off ties with Jack; Connor is not allowed to have contact because of Cara's anger at the Kellys, so Jack focuses on the school fundraiser. Everything goes well until he has another blow up, resulting in Leah kicking him out. Jack and Mike coincide in a late-night eatery. They make peace, then pick up Connor for a casino bachelor party road-trip, as Britney insists they marry. They come across Aspen, who has been fired for accidentally using politically incorrect jargon and dumped. Later, at a strip club, Jack gets a call that Leah is in labor. Drunk, they are forced to get an Uber. Excruciatingly slow, they end up grabbing small electric scooters to complete the journey.

Missing the birth, Jack still makes up with Leah and vows to go to therapy. In the end, they opt for public school for Nate and Jack has learned to control his temper. Mike proposes to Britney properly and Connor gets Cara to lighten up.

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