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Year: 2023
Country: Poland
Time: 1h 30min
Director: Piotr Latocha

RoboCop: Rogue City is a first-person shooter game developed by Teyon and published by Nacon. The game features an original storyline based on the RoboCop films, with Peter Weller reprising his role as the titular character. It was released for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on 2 November 2023. Upon release, it received generally favorable reviews from critics.
RoboCop: Rogue City is a first-person shooter set in Old Detroit. Playing as RoboCop, the player must clear the city of criminals, conduct investigations, and can also give out parking tickets. The game is set in-between the films RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3. Anne Lewis, RoboCop's police partner from the films, accompanies the player.
The player is given various side quests throughout the game and can choose how to solve them, for example by selecting between different dialogue options. The outcome of these quests varies depending on the player's choices. For instance, the player can choose between using violence or a peaceful approach when seeking information from suspects. The overall storyline and ending are also altered depending on decisions made by the player. RoboCop's public trust score can be built up by interacting with citizens, also affecting gameplay.
The player's primary weapon is RoboCop's Auto 9 gun, which has unlimited ammunition. Weapons dropped by enemies can also be picked up by the player and used for a limited amount of time. Items in the game's environments, such as exploding barrels and televisions sets, can also be flung around. Due to RoboCop's metal exterior, he takes only minimal damage from gunfire. The player can regenerate lost health or use enemies as human shields against gunfire.
The player also starts out with several abilities, including night vision and a flashbang shockwave. Time can also be slowed down briefly to kill enemies and clear an area faster. These abilities, as well as the Auto 9, can be upgraded over time. The player can also use a scanning ability to search for enemies, misdemeanors such as traffic violations, and disorderly conduct.
RoboCop: Rogue City is set in a dystopic near-future, in the impoverished and crime-ridden city of Detroit, in a timeline between films RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3. RoboCop originally was Detroit Police Department officer Alex Murphy, who was ambushed and tortured to death by the notorious robber gang of Clarence Boddicker, and was then picked by executive Bob Morton of Omni Consumer Products (OCP) to be converted into a heavily armored police cyborg. Upon gradually recovering his memory and with the aid of Murphy's original partner, Anne Lewis, RoboCop succeeds in exacting justice against Boddicker's gang while at the same time thwarting the schemes of one of Morton's rival executives whom commissioned Boddicker's gang to murder him.
In RoboCop 2, RoboCop battles the gang of Cain, the cartel leader behind a new designer drug - Nuke - and eventually defeats him, but OCP recovers the body of Cain and extracts his brain for a successor model of RoboCop (RoboCop 2) that eventually goes rogue due to his Nuke addiction, disrupting OCP's original plans of it's radical urban redevelopment of Detroit (named Delta City) and forcing RoboCop to stop and destroy Cain. Despite damages incurred, OCP suffers little backlash from the project, instead using the RoboCop 2 project leader as the scapegoat.
Aside from the titular main character (which is voiced once again by Peter Weller) and the return of some of the characters from the original movie - namely Anne Lewis, Sergeant Warren Reed and OCP's CEO known as "The Old Man" - RoboCop: Rogue City includes an entire new roster of supporting characters, including OCP employee Max Becker, OCP engineer Morgan and psychologist Olivia Blanche, the two latter whom assist RoboCop technically and psychologically along the story.
Other characters include Pickles, a homeless police informant later revealed to be on Nuke withdrawal, police recruit and dispatcher Ulysses Washington and reporter Samantha Ortiz, whose personal story arcs are influenced by RoboCop's direct actions or decisions. Other characters also include Soot, musician and leader of the Torch Heads gang, as well as Spike, whom heads the Street Vultures biker gang, both under the leadership of an upcoming crime boss known only as the "New Guy".
While rescuing hostages from the Channel 9 studios that was occupied by Soot and the Torch Heads, RoboCop suffers hallucinations of his past life as Alex Murphy when he sees one of the hostages bear an uncanny similar appearance to Murphy's wife, causing him to hesitate and forcing Lewis to directly intervene. As RoboCop's breakdown was filmed live, OCP assigns Becker as RoboCop's overseer, installing a monitoring chip on his head to evaluate his performance.
As Sergeant Reed instructs on the rising threat of the "New Guy", RoboCop is sent to locate and inquire Soot. He and Lewis track Soot down to an abandoned slaughterhouse where a Torch Head concert is in progress. As RoboCop apprehends Soot, Lewis is taken hostage by the "New Guy", who kills Soot for drawing too much attention with the concert, while RoboCop mysteriously malfunctions again. The "New Guy" identifies himself as Wendell Antonowsky, brother of Emil Antonowsky (one of Clarence Boddicker's gang members who was killed in RoboCop). Criticizing RoboCop for his attachment to his human side, he shoots Lewis in the heart, leaving her comatose.
Determined to seek justice for Lewis, RoboCop uncovers a connection between Wendell and the Street Vultures, tracking them down to their territory by a steel mill and quarry. As he arrives there, he discovers multiple corpses once reported stolen from the city morgue and hospital, including a police officer reported missing. RoboCop musters a police squad along with a ED-209 unit to storm the hideout, but the ED-209 malfunctions and engages the squad and RoboCop, allowing the Vultures to escape. RoboCop learns that all of the bodies found in the quarry had their brains intact and that they were brought to the quarry by the Vultures as hired hands and extracted by Wendell. RoboCop tracks down and arrests Wendell as Lewis awakes from her coma and the OCP CEO, the Old Man, suffers a heart attack and later passes away.
In City Prison, RoboCop learns from Wendell he was hired by OCP for "Project Afterlife", the extracted brains being used as part of a mass resurrection program inspired by RoboCop and orchestrated by the Old Man. Mercenaries later attack the prison and break Wendell out during a riot as Becker takes over as OCP's new CEO. Becker unveils his Urban Enforcement Droids (UEDs) meant to replace the police force, which Wendell later hijacks in retaliation for Becker terminating Project Afterlife. As RoboCop once again tracks down Wendell and confronts him, he discovers that the monitoring chip installed by Becker is triggered by Wendell's lighter to degrade RoboCop's mind and prevent him from accosting Wendell. RoboCop removes the chip and pursues Wendell amidst the chaos caused by the gangs, mercenaries and hijacked UEDs. Tracking him down to the first construction site of Delta City, the pursuit ends with RoboCop finally killing him.
RoboCop then receives a call that the OCP main office is under attack. He arrives there to see Becker being held by RoboCop 2 (OCP's failed Law Enforcement droid from RoboCop 2, once piloted by Cain). RoboCop 2 plays a video message from the Old Man before he underwent the procedure to upload his brain into RoboCop 2. The Old Man explains that he did it to feel closer to and understand RoboCop and kills Becker during the recording by crushing his windpipe. RoboCop fights and defeats RoboCop 2 (aka The Old Man) in a grueling battle that collapses the OCP building. In the aftermath, OCP is considered for buyout by the Japanese corporation Kanemitsu, slowly leading towards the events of the third film.
RoboCop: Rogue City features an original storyline based on the first three RoboCop films. The game is being developed by Teyon, and is published by Nacon in partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which holds the rights to the franchise. The three companies worked together to ensure it is faithful to the films; the development team watched them multiple times to incorporate their satirical aspect, especially that of the first film.
RoboCop: Rogue City was developed using Unreal Engine 5. Original RoboCop actor Peter Weller returned to provide his voice and likeness for the game. RoboCop's sluggish movements are also incorporated, despite first-person shooters generally using swift gameplay. Piotr Latocha, the game's director, said that reaching a balance on RoboCop's movements was one of the biggest design challenges on the project: "He's kind of slow and tankish, and we need to be true to the lore, but also we cannot be super slow and super heavy".
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