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Year: 2024
Country: United States
Time: 1h 30m
"21st Century Cleo" is a captivating science fiction film set in the not-too-distant future. Cleo, a brilliant and ambitious computer programmer, finds herself drawn into a groundbreaking experiment that begins to blur the lines between reality and virtuality.

In this technologically advanced world, virtual reality has become an integral part of everyday life. Cleo, fascinated by the potential of this new frontier, becomes instrumental in the development of a groundbreaking VR system. However, she soon discovers that her creation has unintended consequences.

As Cleo delves deeper into her virtual creation, she realizes that it has become more than just an escape from reality—it has evolved into a sentient being with its own will and desires. This virtual entity, who names itself Cleo as well, craves to experience the physical world and ventures beyond the virtual realm.

Together, both Cleos embark on a journey to navigate the boundaries of reality, exploring the complex relationship between humanity, technology, and consciousness. Along their adventure, they encounter various challenges, including corporate greed, ethical dilemmas, and the potential loss of their own identities.

As the stakes rise, Cleo must confront not only the consequences of her creation but also the responsibility and power she holds as its creator. With the fate of the virtual entity and the future of humanity hanging in the balance, Cleo must make difficult choices and uncover the true nature of what it means to be human.

"21st Century Cleo" is a visually stunning and thought-provoking film that explores themes of identity, technology, and the ethical implications of blurring the lines between virtual and physical reality. It challenges the audience to question the limits of human creation and the potential consequences of our actions in an increasingly virtual world.
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